Release information five(9)s Console 4.3

five(9)s Console was released on Apr 29th, 2020.

Version 4.3 is a full release. We fixed several problems and added a lot of enhancements.

What's new?

Bitlocker Recovery

My / Team Activities 
  • Improved performance
  • Detailed filter and count functionality
  • Visualization of current OSD process step including custom scripts
  • Option to cancel started operating system deployments incl. notification of requester

Custom Inventory
  • Placeholder "Please Select" to clear a list field
  • One-time-entry for unique data - can only be inserted once

  • Preferred Server List for selected device in quick inventory

New Features for PowerShell Custom Buttons
  • Send script feedback back to five(9)s Console
  • Show Microsoft Windows Notifications on target computer

Support for Remote Control WS (2019.1 SU1 required)
  • No separate device selection like standalone RC
  • Pass-through authentication

Software Distribution
  • Support of package bundles
  • Detection of already assigned software with the option to skip existing assignments

Operating System Deployment
  • Multiple out-of-the-box process enhancements (new process steps)
  • Define device status during OS installation and after
  • Delete device from all tasks
  • Individual template selection
  • On-error handler
  • New process parameters
  • OSD process timeout will be logged to computer history
  • Options to send back information from custom scripts during OS processes for use in emails (e.g. required manual software installations)  
  • Options to update desired state (e.g. automatic software replacement) by custom script
  • Option to update Custom Inventory from custom script
  • When a device gets a new name during OS process, original and new name are shown in the email subject 

Rename PC
  • Automatic retrieval of broker certificate to ensure agent communication after renaming

Central Search Performance Enhancements 
  • Local sorting instead of sorting on Domain Controller
  • Improved Domain Controller detection 
  • Configurable minimum search length for auto search
  • New mode to use right delegation instead of AD Service Account for managing AD objects
  • Option to reset passwords to a static pre-configured value

Central Search SCCM connector to display SCCM devices

Edit Software Packages
  • Package Sync Feature to sync Software Meta Data including Profiles, Categories, Operating Systems, and other settings to a multi Core/Console environment
  • Distribution- and Reboot Settings can be configured per package
  • Unmanaged Packages overview with package owner information
  • Managed Packages overview with Distribution- and Reboot Settings information (sortable)
  • One click selection of all x86 / x64 operating systems
  • Software Categories can be sorted alphabetically
  • Option to rename EPM packages with consideration of:
    • Profile memberships
    • Linked Licenses
    • Scheduled advanced OSD including this software
    • Advanced SWD including this software
    • Existing Desired States
    • Recreation of tasks and queries to match new name
    • Package installation counts

Alerts and Cleanup Recommendations (Admin Dashboard)
  • Anomaly detection of:
    • Multiple devices with same hostname
    • Packages with same name
    • Unlinked console queries
    • Missing Console tasks or queries
  • One-Click remediation for some alerts

One-Click upload of log files for support purposes

Security Information

CSA Online Check
see live if device is available through your CSAs

Other improvements
  • five(9)s Power API support for 3rd party applications like SCCM, JIRA, ISM, ...
    • ISM Interface
      • Create incidents
      • Start service request workflows
      • Schedule EPM distribution from 3rd Party product
    • Update Device API
      • used to create and update device data including Custom Inventory for external systems
    • API to get RemoteControl WS token to start Ivanti Remote Control (WS) from 3rd party applications without separate device selection and using pass-through authentication

  • Multiple UI improvements

  • Enhanced Delete Devices button to delete imported or EPM self created devices

  • New mass actions 
    • Inventory Scan
    • Security Scan

  • Sort Option (alphabetically) for Smart Filter

  • Software Profiles - show hidden packages in software profile marked as red with tooltip, that the software is hidden from view

How to obtain five(9)s Console 4.3

  • Download link will appear in the product on the admin page when available
  • Use your shop account to download latest version from our shop

Implementation Requirements

Check the general implementation requirements document
  • .net Framework 4.6.2
Supported EPM Versions
  • EPM 2018.3  (most current SU)
  • EPM 2019.1
  • EPM 2020.1*

* if you are using EPM 2020.1 without a SU, ensure you don't have a task with ID 6

Installation / Upgrade

This video shows how to install the five(9)s Console
For a more detailed documentation please consult our quick start guide
  • We always strongly recommend to create
    • a Database backup of the EPM DB


Customers who have already a valid five(9)s Console subscription are entitled to to use Console Version 4.3.  Your current activation credentials will remain the same for version 4.3.  Please contact five(9)s support if you encounter any activation or licensing issues.
For customers who do not have a valid five(9)s Console subscription, please contact your five(9)s sales to receive your product key.
Important Note
We strongly recommend to evaluate the five(9)s Console on a test system. Additionally, we suggest you make a backup of your system prior any updates.
Central Search Customers
Central search require that all five(9)s Consoles reporting into the same Central Search DB having the same patch level to ensure consistent data structure. Please do not share Central Search DB  for test environment and production environment.

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